The Cure for Cacophony: Another Cacophony #FridayReflections

There is a wide range of cacophony in each individual’s head. Some special ones have many cacophonies running simultaneously. I belong to this special category most of the days. However, when the record in my head is stuck on one particular track of noise, I have discovered that another track of wonderings helps me. But does that really help me or simply takes away my chance to live in the moment? You must be thinking,”What is she babbling about?” If you had written this post and I was reading it, I would have thought the same. So, allow me to … Continue reading The Cure for Cacophony: Another Cacophony #FridayReflections

Are We Dancing to the Tunes of Luck? #FridayReflections

Before we indulge in a thought-provoking conversation about destiny and other complicated topics, I would like to clarify that I am not a philosopher. I might pretend to be one every now and then, but I have not studied philosophy. Whatever I feel, I write it down and share with the world. I believe the heart and the soul know the truth; it’s up to us to really think about something, dig deep, and the answers will come to us. See, philosophy comes easily to me 😉 There is no denying that we can’t control everything in life. Does it … Continue reading Are We Dancing to the Tunes of Luck? #FridayReflections

“Wait for a Little Longer,” Said Life — Always! # FridayReflections

I love reflecting on the lives of myself and other people around me. Out of many things that are common in everybody’s life is waiting. Everyone is waiting for something or someone at every step of their lives. Sometimes we are waiting for our shifts to be over so that we might get out of our offices. Some other times, this wait might be a more difficult one, like waiting for a dead relationship to rekindle or a long gone friend to come back or, in the case of many Indian IT people, stamping of their US visa. Some people … Continue reading “Wait for a Little Longer,” Said Life — Always! # FridayReflections

For the Love of Tags! #FridayReflections

As I bid farewell to my judgemental side (or so I think), I begin to wonder about the society and its love of tags. Unknowingly, we are all sucked deep into the pit of tags. When we meet somebody, we want to know about their age, marital status, “children” status, job, and the list goes on. Believe it or not, many times our perception of the person is based on these tags. I would like to believe that I have been untouched by this tag based perception, but this is not true. I, too, begin judging a person based on … Continue reading For the Love of Tags! #FridayReflections

I Blabber! #FridayReflections

There are many thoughts that pop up in my head almost simultaneously. That’s the reason why I chose to write about free writing. As soon as the news of Donald Trump being the president of the US hit the media, I began contemplating what should I do to ensure that his decisions do not affect me. Why, you ask? Well, mainly because many people began talking how he might be able to stop outsourcing altogether. I am one of those people who does not like researching a lot. Therefore, I chose to believe them. What disappointed me the most is … Continue reading I Blabber! #FridayReflections

Au Revoir 2016! Bienvenue 2017! #FridayReflections

As the year 2017 begins, I can’t help but look back at the year 2016. The year that went by in a blink has been filled with lessons, exploring new facts about myself, meeting new people, and making new friends who I’m sure would stick around for a long time. In a glimpse, my year can be narrowed down in these highlights: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine 2016 made me realize that traveling makes one explore more about oneself than anything/anyone else can ever do. Although I could … Continue reading Au Revoir 2016! Bienvenue 2017! #FridayReflections

A Demanding Gift Receiver Speaks #UnwrapChristmas

If I had written this post two days back, I would have come up with a selfless list of things to do on Christmas, but something changed in the last two days. Before you start imagining too many dramatic things, I must mention that nothing big happened. It’s just in the last two days, I have gifted and received many gifts. As much as I love the suspense and the thrill, I am terrified of being disappointed after opening my gift. Same goes for the person whom I gift something. I fear disappointing anybody with my gift. I celebrated Secret … Continue reading A Demanding Gift Receiver Speaks #UnwrapChristmas

What Drives You? #FridayReflections

Lately, I have been focusing a lot on what drives our actions. Is it our own happiness, status quo, our family’s wellbeing or a clueless series of actions just to survive? When I listen to the parents (most of the parents — not just mine) I have come to realize that they wish their kids to behave in a manner that is appropriate to the social norms. They wish their kids to get married at an age-appropriate time so that nobody can get a notion that their kids have a flaw that stops them for being married. Come to think … Continue reading What Drives You? #FridayReflections

Can a Fear Control Your Life? #FridayReflections

Fear has a very significant role in a human’s life — at least, according to me, it has. If one learns to control it, he/she gets the power to actually control their lives; however, if fear controls a person then there’s a tough road ahead. I’ll explain what do I mean by this heavy statement by writing about my own three legitimate fears. So, if you have enough patience to stay with me, let’s begin 😉 Fear of Wall-Lizards – Now, this might be labeled as a “girly” fear, but that does not mean that I can even pretend to … Continue reading Can a Fear Control Your Life? #FridayReflections